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The world changed in a week. Schools shut, businesses closed, services were stripped to a minimum, distancing and isolation measures were put in place. The UK is taking a huge productivity hit.

Parents are at home looking after, entertaining, and wherever possible trying to teach their Children. Not to mention trying to support their Children’s continued social development, entertainment and general well-being. Where do Parents find time to work, rest, eat, relax, sleep? Everyone is doing their best but with the problem of minimal infrastructure the community’s ability to pull-together as a team is limited.

Immediately, as kind-hearted and pure intentioned people, we started to do what we could to solve this problem. We began to set up impromptu online education sessions to understand the challenges of remote learning. Led by a teacher with a clear vision in mind, we found that up to 4 kids led by 1 energetic and engaging teacher seems to be the best formula.

We needed a way to organise ourselves into schedules and lessons and we are building our platform in a way that can now be shared with the wider community in the hope that we can harness the strength of our community to help each other.


Keep Calm and Carry On Learning

A community platform bringing together learners and teachers in this time of crisis.

It’s a free of charge, interactive, volunteer driven schedule to support teaching, where anyone who wants to learn or teach any subject can come together in a community driven response to the challenges of learning from home.

Keep Calm and Carry On Learning aims to take the stress out of organising your home learning, helping you register for your favourite classes with friends and putting an invite in your calendar with a link to the virtual classroom ensuring you are in the right class, with the right people at the right time. Teachers can focus on teaching and learners focus on learning. Anyone willing, capable and approved can contribute.

It’s a fun, interactive, community environment enabling us all to rise to the challenge together while creating precious time for parents during this crisis.

Please share this with your social networks and let’s get everyone on-board to help as a community.

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