"100cm = 1m...Lauren is a good teacher"

"Thanks for sharing the learning programme with us. He enjoyed it so much and is already looking forward to tomorrow's class"

"She joined the lesson today for the fist time and really enjoyed it. She was engaged and she loved the session and also Liz, who is an amazing teacher. Some parents suggested the sessions are free but I thought it was too good to be true!"

"His Tutor was Amber, she was great. I didn't know if the kids would all listen but they were really focussed on the teaching. I think its great!"

"My favourite thing about the maths class is drawing dogs"

"You guys are amazing. I’m lost for words really..What an amazing team and a great support for the community. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or support the charity"

"Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Lauren"

Hi Joni,

I hope you are well.

I like to inform you that Zeynep is going to start to school this Monday as she has been doing almost no study since last half term. I believe it is time her to go back to school 🙂

I like to say big thank you to you and all the teachers . I supported the teachers who helped Zeynep over the last couple of months .

And I will like to support KCACOL too if you let me know how can I do?

Many thanks once more.

Kind regards,




I just wanted to let you know that Oliver’s finishing the online lessons.

He’s going into school next week, into the key worker bubble. It’s only just been confirmed.

I just wanted to say thank you. Zoe - thank you for this past week. It’s been good for Oliver to be able to continue. You were great, it’s not easy controlling that many children online. Good luck with your future. 

Joni - thank you and please pass on my thanks to the company. This has been a real life line for us during this period. It really has made a difference to Oliver and to us!

Hope to see you soon.



Hi Zoe,

Just to let you know that I’ve received confirmation that Henry can return to school on Monday, so this will be his last session with you.

I would just like to thank you for all that you have done to support and encourage Henry during this time. It’s been incredibly stressful for me personally trying to work full-time with three children at home, so to know that Henry had at least an hour a day of learning, took so much pressure off.

You didn’t have to volunteer to do what you’ve been doing, but you did, and that is so admirable. You have the patience of a saint and are so good with the children. I’ve no doubt that you will make an absolutely fantastic teacher in your new role!

We would like to send you a little something to say thank you. Is this the best email address for you?

All the best,



Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to inform you that Arya is starting school on Monday as I feel it’s now the right time for her to go back to her routine.

We, as a family, cannot thank you enough for your support during these incredibly difficult times. Arya has enjoyed every single lesson with her teachers and you have all contributed to her learning immensely. She has not missed anything out by not going to school as you brought the school to her home! Thank you so much for being such amazing and patient teachers to my child!

Many thanks to Joni for his support and contributions to making this amazing learning journey possible for all the kids, and also for keeping us all in the loop.

Arya will miss all her teachers!

Best wishes,



Hi Joni,

First of all I want to say how much we appreciate all your hard work and efforts during this period. It meant a lot for us. Thank you so much!

We are informed that year 1 students will be returning back to school from 1st June. If this doesn't change we won't be able to continue our lessons with Liz. But if they don't start, then it would be amazing to continue the lessons.

And for the half term, we would love to continue both the English and Maths lessons.




Hi Joni and Charlotte,

I hope you are both well.

I would like to thank you both for organising the sessions. It has been great for Micah to interact with different adults and children when that has otherwise been taken away from him.

I hope that you both stay well and that other children continue to benefit from all your efforts.

Kindest regards,



Hi Joni,

Elsa has really enjoyed the lessons, and it has already made a huge difference to our days, as both myself and my husband are working full time, so it's been a challenge!

I know what you mean about them going back at some point this term. My son is also in Year 6 and I just want him to see his buddies again and have that "going to senior school" celebration. Plus, they are both in desperate need of mucking around, behaving like kids, and generally having fun with their friends!

Here's hoping - but in the meantime, thank you for saving my sanity.



Hi Joni,

First of all a big thanks to yourself and Amber for this amazing set up. It’s been wonderful to hear George engaging with the subject material and his classmates. I’ve already recommended you to other families so I hope you can get more teachers on board.

Other than teachers I’m not sure what support you’d need but I thought I’d let you know I’m an early year TA if that would be at all useful. I’m also working on my brother in law whose a teacher to get in touch!

Have a lovely weekend,

Emma x